Our OfferWashing surfaces with water

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Washing surfaces with water at 250-1000 bar pressure

The most common surface contaminations include: rust and rolling scale, oil and grease, dust, loosely bound old painting layers, humidity, flux and slag, chemicals (for example remains of detergents, salts) and iron filings.

Special attention should be paid to removal of ionic contamination and degreasing of the metal surface, as presence of these contaminants reduces adhesiveness of painting layers to metal and can cause various faults of the painting cover. The process of removing of contaminants and degreasing should be conducted before cleaning the steel surface.

Surfaces covered with grease, industrial dust, salt sediments etc. should be washed with water under high pressure (Karcher appliance) and then properly cleaned. Surfaces where ionic contamination can be found should be washed, after appropriate cleaning, with clean water with added proper corrosion inhibitor.